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Dear Friend,

I used to suffer from this same problem of ejaculating too quickly. 

Why does this have to happen, I am in the mood, she is in the mood, but no sooner would I penetrate than my powerhouse let me down and my woman asking what is going on.

Most of the time, she doesn't even say a thing, but I know I under-performed and that she is not satisfied

Anyway, along the line, I discovered that there were some things I could do to prolong sex, like clipping the base of the shaft of my penis with my fingers to suppress ejaculation. This method bought me some time but didn't offer an effective solution.

There was also masturbation before actual sex. A very poor and ill-advised approach. 

I even discovered that there were drugs that I could take and last longer in bed. 

Some of these drugs gave me more than the usual erection, and made me harder than my body could carry.

The erection sustaining drugs also came with some other kind of sensation, and made me feel uncomfortable. I remember vividly, when I took one of them (I won't mention the name) and my girl didn't show up. I became heady, my mouth and heart were dry, and I couldn't concentrate on anything for the whole of that evening.

I didn't need anyone to tell me that these drugs could one day affect the proper functioning of my body organs

And there were also creams and sprays that I used. 

They basically offered the same effect as some of the drugs, gave me too hard an erection. You know the kind of erection that feels as if your penis has a life of its own and just wants to pull off from your body. 

Another downside to the creams and sprays is that you have to apply them a few minutes to when you want to have sex. This disrupts the flow of things as you have to excuse yourself and go into another room to "arrange yourself" and come back

Alcohol is another help that I discovered.

With alcohol I noticed that I could last very well and give a girl good orgasm, but do I have to take alcohol every time I had to have sex? What if the girl doesn't drink... It meant that she would keep avoiding my face and the odour of the drink, and this would generally affect the sweet flow of events. 

And besides, alcohol has a thousand and one side effects on the body, which makes it a bad option.   

I never tried local herbs, because they are highly unrefined and don't have a strong culture and history of effectiveness behind them. 

Another problem... is that they don't give you the luxury of spontaneous, instant, long-lasting sex

Picture this... you are at home, and you know, just there, and not in any way expecting to have sex. Unexpectedly, your wife or girlfriend shows up and puts you in the mood. What would you do?

The same thing happened to me one fine fateful morning back in the days. My girl visited me and was all horny and excited. I took an excuse to go outside to buy something.

Seeing that I wasn't prepared, I quickly snapped a bottle of hot drink and drank most of the content. When I got back, I lied to her that I ran into some friends and I had to take a sip.

Lo and behold, the moment came and I wish I hadn't burned my heart with hot drink that morning.

Nothing happened. I came quicker than I believe I could if I hadn't taken anything 

That's how I kept stumbling from therapy to therapy, and ALL of them kept disappointing me.

My big breakthrough finally came, accidentally, when I did two things unknowingly and lasted far longer than I expected. (I will tell you about them on another day.)

My girl was even surprised, happy and expressed her excitement all day.

After that I knew that there must be ways to beating premature ejaculation. 

So I quickly went into research and discovered that I could last very long in bed and give my woman multiple orgasms.

The best part was that I could do it NATURALLY without resorting to harmful drugs, creams, sprays, alcohol, and all the other ineffective methods. 

And you too, can implement the same methods and achieve a long-lasting solution to premature ejaculation.


The 2-in-1 Solution That Worked For Me...

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Arctic Sea

Poor blood flow is one of the most contributing factor to premature ejaculation, weak erection, and the other male sexuality problems.

Optimum health depends on elastic, flexible blood vessels that keep blood flowing efficiently from the heart and lungs to all parts of the body.

Arctic Sea corrects this problem by balancing the cardiovascular system with high quality Omega 3 (the building block of sex hormones in men and women). It also boost the production of dopamine, an essential hormone for stronger and longer lasting erections.

Royal Jelly

This is one of nature's wonder miracle compound that is packed with so many beneficial nutrients.

It keeps the body at high energy levels and provides the strength and stamina to go the distance.

It improves sexual functions, and also stimulates the gonads in both men and woman to release the sex hormones. If you want to increase your sex drive and boost fertility at the same time, Forever Royal Jelly dietary supplement provides the perfect boost


When You Combine These Two Extremely Powerful NATURAL Products, Here’s What Will Happen...

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* You will witness immense improvements in your manhood, yourself and massively increase your sexual energy and stamina, and make love with the zest of a teenager!

* You will stop spending your money on sex-enhancing drugs, alcohol, and any other worthless product that doesn't concentrate on treating premature ejaculation the natural way.

* You will have better sex. More enjoyable sex. Sex that she tells her friends about - because you are more LARGER and POWERFUL down there. This will in turn increase her desire for you, bond you closer to her, and ensure she never thinks about another man.

* You will stop preparing for sex, because you now know the secret to INSTANTANEOUS... wake-me-up-at-any-time... I-want-it-NOW... sex.

* You will have longer erections and more explosive extended orgasms and be able to make her orgasm multiple times too!

* Your woman will look at you surprisingly and ask: "what did you do?" But, Deep inside she will say to herself: "YES... my man is finally giving me the best sex ever!" 

* You will recover quickly after ejaculation or eliminate the need to recover at all, because you will be ready time and time again!

* You will notice an instant improvement in your relationship with your spouse. If there were any frictions, they will be gone, and a whole new blissfull chapter of new found love-making and exciting times together will open up for both of you. 

* You will take your self-confidence and confidence in the sack to astronomic size and proportions. You will get VERY good in bed, and you'll know you are!

* She will be MORE attracted to you, and keep looking forward to your next love-making session... knowing that you will take her to the highest heights of pleasure again and again. 

* You will Last long enough to please her, again and again, every time!

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Before We proceed... I Want To Let You Know That...

These products are herbal products, and thus are:

* 100% natural - NO side effects!

* Guarantee results as early as your first night of using them. 

* Very affordable, as compared to all the useless solutions and methods out there.

Plus, they are backed by International Trust Seals, like the International Aloe Science Council seal, the Halal seal, the Islamic seal, and the prestigious Kosher Seal (which makes them acceptable to the Jews. The Jews don’t take anything that isn’t 100% natural. In fact, they don’t even take bread with yeast! They believe in no additives.

These are all Seals of the highest international standards signifying that the products maintain a good degree of purity. Plus, they are registered with our own NAFDAC here in Nigeria.

Okay, But How Much Will It Cost To
Deliver Them To My Doorstep?

Before I divulge the cost of these very powerful NATURAL BEDROOM POWER supplements, I would like to ask you: What do you think would be the true value of knowing that you can finally have as much POWER in the bedroom like you are supposed to control - and best of all knowing that you can do it naturally... without any side effects?

If you ask me, nothing could be too much to pay to obtain such god-like bedroom powers.

But, you don't have to spend an arm to acquire this luxury.

You can have both herbal products...

Plus Bonus

An ebook that teaches you everything else you need to know about putting a FINAL stop to your premature ejaculation and ALL bedroom sexual troubles. It teaches you simple (and free to do) things you can do so you don't have to ever worry about what you can do about quick ejaculation.

At a giveaway price of...

N 33,500

N 24,000 only!!!


That's over N10,000 discount!  

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Yes, for so cheap a price, you will get the exact solution that will finally cure your premature ejaculation problem FOREVER.

Think about how much damage this problem of premature ejaculation has done to your male ego... and maybe how much money you may have spent on inefficient therapies... and there couldn't be a better remedy to invest in. So, go ahead and order the products with confidence, they helped me personally.

Will I get ongoing support after buying these products? 

Yes, I told you about revealing some more stuff after today. Besides these products there are some other techniques inside the ebook, which, when combined with the products will contribute to take your bedroom powers beyond the ordinary. The best part is that they are 100% free and extremely easy implement. So, yes, you will get continuous support. 

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